Lockyer Valley, QLD
David owns both an XUV500 as a family car, and a Pik-up for use around the farm. The best thing about them for him? The incredible fuel consumption.


Goondiwindi, QLD
Daniel loves looking out of the cabin almost as much as he loves looking at his Mahindra Pik-Up. His mates are even starting to change their tune.

Gary Smith

Daylesford, VIC
Fantastic towing power and a large tray make the new Mahindra PikUp perfect for use on Gary’s country property and he’s more than happy to recommend Mahindra to others.

Michael Barr and Kylie Madden

Sunshine Coast, QLD
With three kids and plenty of gear to carry around, Michael and Kylie needed something with plenty of space. After owning their XUV500 for six months, they’re wrapped with it, and were surprised with the amount of features available at such a great price.

“European Quality Diesel, in terms of its Refinement” – “I think Mahindra have hit the thing on the head here, – It’s a Winner!”

— Fraser Stronach 4×4 Australia

Don Mudford

Dubbo, NSW
Don looks after 15,000 sheep and needs an affordable and reliable vehicle to keep the farm running. Currently running six Mahindra vehicles, the Don loves the fuel economy and after sales service.

“After an admittedly short run in the dual-cab PikUp, we found ourselves rather pleasantly surprised in places.”

— Andrew Chesterton – CarsGuide

Robbie and Pauline Cowburn

Goomeri West, QLD
Robert and Pauline have owned their Pik-Up for over ten years and now own a tractor and XUV500. Hear what the Cowburn’s have to say about their Mahindra vehicles.

“We like the PikUp Very Much”

— Alan Whiting – Outback Travel Australia

Mark Castellana

Musewellbrook, NSW
Mark has the country in his blood, and from the bush to the beach and on to the city, his Mahindra makes getting the job done easy and affordable. Check out Mark’s story.

“The Pik-Up is certainly an appealing package for those on a budget.”

— Dean Mellor Just 4x4s / Practical Motoring

Matt Bourchier

Chatsworth, VIC
Matt is a fifth generation farmer on around 3000 acres. Here what he has to say about his three Pik-Ups and how they help him get the job done.

“The PikUp Stacks Up”

— Daron Jacks – The Weekly Times

Ian McLauchlan

Toowoomba, QLD
Ian has been in horses his whole life and now runs a horse stud. His PikUp is a true work horse and spends its days carrying feed and carting wood. The fuel economy keeps operating costs low.

“For anyone after a 4WD farm or work single cab the Pik-Up makes a convincing ‘buy-me’ argument given what it does, how it does it and how much you pay.”

— Fraser Stronach – Owner Driver

“As a mountain goat for everyday farm duty, able to make the dash into town or tow full-sized equipment, the Pik-Up makes great sense. Rugged enough to live with a life of neglect, and something owners need not be too precious about.”
“There’s no doubt the Mahindra has earned its place in the Australian market on the back of its rugged workhorse reputation. It may have a narrow focus, but it certainly excels where other 4×4 utes might be starting to lose their grassroots focus.”

— Kez Casey – CarAdvice

“As the cheapest seven-seat automatic SUV in Australia, the Mahindra XUV500 makes a play for the sensibilities of Aussie families who might otherwise turn to used-car lots for their family-hauling needs.”

— Car Advice