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The XUV500 is a pioneer, even in design. Walk around the vehicle and you'll discover how every single element has been masterfully sculpted. A chiseled, aerodynamics body that ruthlessly cuts through the air to provide limitless exhalation. Racing-inspired twin exhausts. Even uniquely designed tail lamps that look worthy of being followed. Clearly, the only thing lacking in design is a compromise.

TypePowerful mHawk 140 Diesel Engine
Power103 KW (140bhp) @ 3750 rpm
Torque330 Nm @ 1600-2800 rpm
Manual6-speed synchromesh
Automatic6-speed transmission
Fuel Consumption
Manual (FWD)6.7L / 100km
Automatic (FWD)7.4L / 100km
WE8 FWD 6 speed Manual$29,900  
WE8 FWD 6 speed Automatic$31,900  
WE8 AWD 6 speed Manual$32,900  
WE8 AWD 6 speed Automatic$34,900  

Mahindra XUV500 Automatic New Car Warranty

Mahindra XUV500 Automatic Capped Price Service

  5,000 km
3 months
10,000 km
6 months
20,000 km
12 months
30,000 km
18 months
40,000 km
24 months
50,000 km
30 months
60,000 km
36 months
Front Wheel Drive FREE$390$490$390$590$390$490
All Wheel Drive FREE$390$490$390$590$390$490

The All-New Automatic Transmission

Features a completely new 2nd generation transmission with torque convertor and a planetary gear-train that enables smooth and precise gear shifts, from Aisin, built in Japan

The XUV500 incorporates an intelligent All Wheel Drive system that lets you tackle slippery road conditions, such as heavy rains or snow and ice, with ease.

The Interactive Torque Management system automatically redistributes the torque between the front and rear wheels.

This seamless transition from 2WD to AWD without any driver intervention gives you a level of handling prowess unmatched by conventional vehicles.

Auto Specs